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Sisley and Kisany create the colourful pouch Twist.

To celebrate the arrival of its new Phyto-Blush Twist, Sisley has introduced an exclusive, limited-edition linen pouch, made in Congo by Kisany’s team of embroiderers. The pouch is embroidered in bright colours, reminiscent of the vibrance and joy of African culture.

“Here in Europe, the pouch adds a spirited freshness to our wardrobe. In Congo, the pouch brightened the lives of the African women who worked to make it.”

Sisley’s founder, Isabelle d’Ornano has driven this project, providing 535 days of work to the embroiderers and tailors in Congo who hand made the 535 pouches. In addition to supporting the women of Kisany through work, the Fondation Sisley d’Ornano sponsored the schooling of 100 Congolese children from September 2016 and has just announced they will do the same again in 2017. The team at Kisany are delighted and thankful.

To pick up your own gorgeous Twist pouch, visit Planet Parfums in Belgium or Luxembourg, from 15 May to 4 June.

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