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Goma’s embroiderers empower themself and create their own non-profit association.

Kisany’s highly successful Ecole des Femmes began in 2015 with support and funding from the Fondation Sisley d’Ornano. Training courses have included Intro to Computers, Intro to the Internet, Leadership and Setting and Acheiving Goals.  The training programme evolved further in 2016 backed by the Fundación Juan Entrecanales de Azcárate of Madrid and a Belgian supporter.

In these 2 years, the training has changed the face of Kisany, awakening and strengthening talents in many team members, and building strong management ability in our leaders. The training has highlighted how able, goal-oriented and self-sufficient the team in Goma has become in recent years.

It is clear to all that the time has come to increase empowerment, to broaden ownership within the team and to create a non-profit association under Congolese law.

After several months working through administrative procedures and the financial structure for this new non-profit association, everyone celebrated when AGAPE was officially established last October, with plans for a full roll-out in 2017.

The first local line of products has been developed and AGAPE is currently showcased in three Goma businesses:

– Hotel Lake Kivu Lodge, 162 Alindi Avenue, Quartier Katindo.
Restaurant Le Chalet, 164 Avenue Maniema, Quartier Katindo
Retaurant Nyumbani, 1 Boulevard Kanya Mulanga

We are excited about the future of this endeavor and especially pleased that L’Ecole des Femmes will continue, thanks to another generous donation from Fondation Entrecanales. We look forward to discovering and developing more skills amongst existing and new team members.

The continued support of our European clients is needed and appreciated more than ever. KISANY patrons can expect the same level of beauty, quality and consistency in our future products. The AGAPE team will continue to provide stunning embroidered linens for our European line, whilst growing their local relationships in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Contact Details:

Contact person : Joseph Muhima
Adress : Avenue Walikale 11,  Quartier des Volcans, Goma
Phone Number : +243 970068880+243 819053009
Mail :

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