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Back to school

In September, 94 embroiderers’s children attended school again thanks to the to the generous support of the Fondation Sisley d’Ornano. Each child was enrolled in one of the city’s schools and received uniforms and school supplies.

By investing in their education, KISANY and The Sisley Foundation of Ornano offer a brighter future to the children, willing to make them models for their community.

Joseph, Christine and Bijou are three adults who also had the oppotunity to benefit from that program. Joseph is an administrative officer for KISANY and AGAPE (link to agape’s article) and will start a post graduate degree in accounting and business administration. Bijou is currently the responsible for the social aspects of the KISANY project. She is now following the Master’s program in Development at the University of Kigali. As for Christine, assistant for the social aspect, she will start her 2nd year of license in October.

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